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Jeroen WILL teach you the tricks of the trade! Ofcourse you will not be able to photograph at his standards within a few hours but his 20 years of experience surely pay off when following one of his workshops or joining his photo tours.

He knows all the right places where wildlife is hiding and his knowledge of nature is unrivaled. If you want to know more about post processing then Jeroen is the to go to guy in The Netherlands.

Highly recommended!

By now i have joined several of Jeroen’s workshops and photo tours and he creates stunning work.
Not only does he make beautiful pictures, Jeroen is also a very attentive teacher and not affraid to share his ‘secrets’.

Hes has a drive not only to push himself to creative limits but also entice his studenst to do the same.

Besides all that he is also very good company to be around with and has a great sense of humor!

Jeannette Schenk, Amstelveen / The Netherlands
We joined Jeroen on his annual South Africa photo tour in 2014 and had a truly fantastic photographic experience!

He has done his homework, knows where to find wildlife and most important makes sure we get the best possible point of view to photograph the animals.

We have grown immenseley both on a personal level but certainly on a photographers level and will definately be joning him again on his future photo tours and 1:1 workshops.

Rini & Grace Lamboo, Harderwijk / The Netherlands

Why choose our Photo Tours..?

If you want to become a succesful wildlife photographer you will need more then just a camera and tripod..

During my workshops and photo tours i will pass on the knowledge i have aquired over the years when working in the field of wildlife photography. I always say; I have no secrets…i will share them all with you and that is the only way to get further ahead in your photography. I will be able to take your photography to the next level and my workshops and photo tours are hands-on and include candid discussions and in-field training to expand your vision at the best possible locations.

The beauty of photographing wildlife is that it is always changing and evolving, encountering the unexpected. In this environment the photographer must learn to work with these changing environmental conditions and behaviour, and the result cannot always be predicted. For me this only adds to the excitement of this type of photography. I use photography to document the wildlife and their habitat and place a frame around what I see to show others of the beauty we have all around us.

The aim of my workshops and photo tours is to show the individual the techniques I use which have improved my own photography and pass them on to you. I will show you how to approach your subject using my proven field craft skills without causing any distress to the animal. In turn letting them relax around you and presenting you with the best opportunities to photograph their beauty, expressions and behaviour. I will also show you some simple and easy to remember ‘tracking’ skills mastered over the years to help you read the signs of wildlife all around you, so you can start to build a picture of what is happening around you and use these skills in the future. As a package it is designed to help you improve in all the aspects of being a Wildlife photographer.

Whether you are just starting out, like I once did, or a Professional, I believe we never stop learning and it is my aim to improve your photographs while learning how to listen, and watch for the tell tale signs mother nature will show you, and this well help youtounderstand your subject a lot more, which is just as important as the camera skills I will teach you.

My photo tours will be timed to coincide with the very best opportunities to photograph the wildlife in their own habitat. It will be a wonderful chance to learn a lot more about Wildlife Photography and reconnect with the environment and wildlife around us, and with my passion for nature and easy approach you are sure to get the very best out of the days spent with all that wildllife available on site.

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