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Looking for an exciting private photography workshop ? Learn how to  improve your skills where the action is happening!

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I came in to contact with Jeroen around 2009 and joined him on a Kingfisher 1:1 Tuition Workshop. His knowledge of both the species and the technology to photograph them was refreshing to experience.
Since that time i have been on several of his workshops and he has never failed me.
I can certainly recommend his workshops to anyone starting out or experienced amateur.
It’s never too late to learn.
Benoit Facon, Mechelen / Belgium
After seeying Jeroen’s work on his website and several international forums i decided to have Jeroen host a weekend filled with interesting workshops for myself and a friend.
He picked us up from the airport and after an informal briefing in a local restaurant we headed out the next morning.
He delivered us Kingfishers, Roe Deer, Wild Boar, Red Foxes and more importantly a vast amount of knowledge for wich we are very grateful to him.
John McDunn, Norfolk / United Kingdom
I joined Jeroen on a weekend workshop to the UK to photograph Birds of Prey.
He is very pleasant company and knows how to explain all aspects of (wildlife) photography very well.
We had some fantastic opportunities during the weekend photographing diverse Owls and Birds of Prey and everything was taken care of perfectly.
Would i advise others to join him on his Photo Tours or Workshops…..Certainly!!
Gerrit Neefkens, Amsterdam / The Netherlands
I decided to join Jeroen for his Camera Trap Workshop wich turned out to be very educational and has aided me in my use of flashlights and working with trigger systems. Though perhaps not as interactive as one of his other workshops i can recommend this instructional workshop wholeheartedly.
Peter Machielse, Groningen / The Netherlands
I cab say one thing about Jeroen’s teaching during his photo courses..
If you have never been on a workshop with Jeroen Stel…you have never been on a proper photo workshop!
Jaqueline Bosboom, Utrecht / The Netherlands

Why choose our 1 : 1  private photo workshops..?

If you want to become a succesful wildlife photographer you will need more then just a camera and tripod..

During my workshops and photo tours i will pass on the knowledge i have aquired over the years when working in the field of wildlife photography. I always say; I have no secrets…i will share them all with you and that is the only way to get further ahead in your photography.

I will be able to take your photography to the next level and my workshops and photo tours are hands-on and include candid discussions and in-field training to expand your vision at the best possible locations.

Have an expert all to yourself for a session of One to One photography tuition

These are not a group sessions! Everyone has a different level of knowledge so your 1:1 photography tuition will go at the pace you need it to be and build confidence in the areas where you need it. I am an experienced photography workshop tutor and thoroughly enjoy tailoring these one to ones to your specific needs, whatever your experience. I also offer Personal Development Programs to tutor students throughout the year and help them get ahead in their wildlife photography.
If you’re starting out as a photographer you will not feel you’re being left behind or holding others back as in some group workshops. If you’re more experienced then we will work on the technical aspect or specific wildlife issues you want to concentrate on. I will be right there for you to coach, guide, and answer all your questions in turn letting you get that one photograph you where dreaming of making all your life.

When you are photographing wildlife it is very unpredictable and sometimes hard to cope with weather, technical challenges or specific behaviour of the animal in question. Most of my 1:1 training sessions take place in an environment where I have studied the local wildlife for years and therefor have a solid knowledge of where to find the animal and how to deal with light, habitat and specific technical challenges.

During these one to one workshops I have no secrets and will pass on all my knowledge of how to track and find wildlife and on how to make the most of the sometimes challenging situations we are faced with. It is my goal to help you get you further in your personal growth as a wildlife photographer. As wildlife is very unpredictable this could mean switching from plan A to plan B when wildlife is not showing itself or is behaving in a way which was not expected. This is an important lesson as a wildlife photographer as wildlife simply cannot be predicted.

It is our goal to let the animal behave in a natural way and as such we make use of hides and/or camouflaged clothing in order not to disturb the wildlife we work with on these one to one workshops. The advantage of working this way is that the animal will display it’s natural behaviour and this will in the end provide you with the best possible options to photograph it in it’s own habitat. We will also focus on photographing wildlife in habitat instead of taking frame filling portraits and work on creating a series of work which best depicts the animal we are working with. This way you will really get to know your subjects which I find as important as getting that stunning shot.

Our one to one training takes place throughout The Netherlands depending on where the specific wildlife is located but can also be tailored to a nature reserve in your own area. These workshops are set up as one to ones but can (in many cases) also be offered to two persons as we work with hides that can place up to three persons. So if you have a photo-buddy or a spouse that shares your passion than make sure you bring them along. I offer a 45.- discount p.p when participating on these workshops with two persons.

If you are living outside of The Netherlands and have an interest for these one to one workshops we can create a “weekend-break-package” for you including several species such as; Foxes, Kingfishers, Wild Boar, Roe Deer, Red Squirrels, Black-tailed Godwit, Black-necked Grebes, Crested Grebes, European Tree Frogs and many more species to choose from. Ofcourse we can also send you the details of some of the finest hotels and B&B’s we have in our area to turn your stay-over in to a true mini- wildlife holiday.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through:

or call: 0031-(0)-6-50458723