South Africa Photo Tour

€ 4950.00 p.p

1st of October 2020 – 16th of October 2020 -> 3 PLACES AVAILABLE

and a second tour;

18th of October 2020 – 3rd of November 2020 -> 3 PLACES AVAILABLE

minimum 2/ maximum 3 particpants

Southern Africa and the Kruger National Park are some of the best locations in the world for Wildlife and bird photography. A true 16-days Wildlife Adventure by any means! My personal approach and the fact that there is a maximum of 3 participants will ensure optimal guidance during this incredible photo tour.

There are tons of species around such as Elephants, Rhino’s, Leopards, Hyena’s, Giraffe, Hippo’s, Zebra, Buffalo and therefor the “Big Five” are allmost guarenteed. Besides the bigger wildlife there are many interesting smaller species such as Honey Badgers, Mongoose, Velvet Monkeys, etc etc…, a stunning scenery for landscape photography and the great thing is that you do not need a hide or camouflaged clothing to work with as all species are very easy to approach from the safety of our vehicle! Jeroen has travelled through South Africa extensively looking for the best possible locations for wildlife photography and his knowledge of the areas you will be visiting is second to none.

You can be sure to come home with loads of stunning images (Jeroen created over 18.000 images during his last visit!!). We will be travelling along the Panoramic Route for some fantastic scenery and from there travel on through the beautiful Kruger National Park where we will be staying at the several campsites for several days so each campsite and area will be covered extensively. For this photo-tour i will be working with BMS Travellers from Mijdrecht-The Netherlands wich are specialists in African Tours and with whom i have allways worked for my previous South African trips.

The beauty of photographing wildlife is that it is always changing and evolving, encountering the unexpected. In this environment the photographer must learn to work with these changing environmental conditions and behaviour, and the result cannot always be predicted. For me this only adds to the excitement of this type of photography. I use photography to document the wildlife and their habitat and place a frame around what I see to show others of the beauty we have all around us.

The aim of my workshops is to show the individual the simple techniques I use which have improved my own photography and pass them on to you. I will show you how to approach your subject using my proven field craft skills without causing any distress to the animal. In turn letting them relax around you and presenting you with the best opportunities to photograph their beauty, expressions and behaviour. I will also show you some simple and easy to remember ‘tracking’ skills mastered over the years to help you read the signs of wildlife all around you, so you can start to build a picture of what is happening around you and use these skills in the future. As a package it is designed to help you improve in all the aspects of being a Wildlife photographer.

Whether you are just starting out, like I once did, or a Professional, I believe we never stop learning and it is my aim to improve your photographs while learning how to listen, and watch for the tell tale signs mother nature will show you, and this well help you to understand your subject a lot more, which is just as important as the camera skills I will teach you. I will be running my South Africa Photo Tour from the 1st of October 2020 till the 16th of October 2020  and a second tour will be hosted from the 18th of October 2020 till the 3rd of November 2020 and they are timed to coincide with Spring time to get the very best opportunities to photograph all species in a green vegetation. It will be a wonderful chance to learn a lot more about Wildlife Photography and reconnect with the environment and wildlife around us, and with my passion for nature and easy approach you are sure to get the very best out of the days spent with all that wildlife available on site.

The cost for this South Africa Photo Tour is € 4950.00.- p.p This includes 14 overnight stays in South African Hotel/Cottage/appartment based on shared accomodation, International Flights from AMS Schiphol airport, local transportation, use of the hides, entrance fees to the Kruger National Park, all meals and photographic guidance throughout the whole trip. Cost Excludes: Personal Insurance, sundry items and alcohol. A non-refundable deposit of 75% of the total sum is required for this Photo Tour. These workshops can be brought as a gift for a Birthday, Christmas and any other occasion, so if you know someone who would love to spend the trip of a lifetime learning everything I know about wildlife photography I promise to make it a great experience and present for them!

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