Who Am I?

Jeroen Stel (1974) Is an award winning conservation and humanitarian photographer based in The Netherlands.

Best known for his work documenting the family life of Kingfishers. He has undertaken commissions and led instructional photography tours and workshops in every corner of the globe. His lectures are bespoke and interactive. As an author Jeroen has worked on numerous wildlife photography related articles and (co-) written several books.

His photographs have been published in books, magazines and newspapers all over the world. Some of his clients include; National Geographic Junior, WWF, Ranger Rick Magazine, Daily Mail, Express, Het Parool, Focus Magazine, Outdoor Photographer and Zoom Magazine. Furthermore Jeroen is part of the Dutch Canon Ambassador program and regularly active as a spokesman for the brand.

His work is currently represented by: Rspb Images, Getty Images, Nhpa, Image Republic, Birdimagency, Nature-Stock, Solent and Kina stock agencies.

Some of my highlights

  • Specially commended in the 2016 Lowland Photographer of the Year competition
  • 1st place in the Nature & Wildlife section of the 2015 International Photography Awards
  • 2 Honourable Mentionings Nature & Wildlife section of the 2015 International Photography Awards
  • Second place (runner up) in the 2015 Lowland Photographer of the Year Awards
  • Specially commended in the international 2014 Roots Magazine competition
  • Specially commended in the international 2013 Concours festival de L’oiseau e de la nature
  • Photographer of the year 2012 for www.birdphotographers.net website
  • Second Prize in the wildlife section at the 2012 International Photography Awards
  • Second Prize in the 2012 international Birds as Art competition

  • Specially commended at the 2010 Grasduinen Magazine competition + cover image of calendar
  • Specially commended best portfolio at the 2007 International Wildbird Photographer of the Year
  • Specially commended at the 2006 Grasduinen Magazine competition

Here’s my story….

Of how i became an author and wildlife photographer

Not so long ago (allthough to me it seems like in a previous lifetime..) i was actually a fashion designer…this may seem hard to believe but i was contemplating what the colors and trends would be for next season and designing casual menswear collections for several well known Dutch brands. As a designer i learnt to look at the world around me from an artistical point of view and this has certainly aided my photography.

Despite some lessons at the art academy on how to process film in the old days, i am a self taught photographer. I am still learning everyday and do not doubt that i will for the rest of my life. Over the past few years my photography is shifting from taking pretty pictures to telling a story with my images. My story is that we have to become aware of preserving our natural world. I am still searching for different ways to tell my stories be it close to home as can be seen in my book Natuur is om de Hoek but also on my travels around the globe. Captivating natural beauty motivates the souls of those who see it and appreciate it and that is what i am trying to achieve with my images.

One of the species i have specialised in over the years are Common Kingfishers (Alcedo atthis). After seeing “the blue flash” for the first time i was hooked and amazed that such beauty existed in my own country. We have a large variety of birds in The Netherlands but none of them as colorful as the Kingfisher. Each year i cooperate with the Dutch Society for Kingfisher protection and try to achieve new goals to tell their story. Though i have over 40.000 Kingfisher images in stock they are an ongoing project wich i never get bored with.

Besides working on ongoing projects like the Kingfishers, Red Squirrels, Roe and Red- Deer or Red Foxes i also host one-to-one workshops on these locations wich allow me to let other people be amazed of the beauty mother nature has in store for us so close to home. Further from home i host photo tours to Africa and Australia amongst others. The beauty of a wild Leopard stepping towards me or the quitness of the rainforest are things one can not explain and just have to be experienced first hand so join me on these wonderful experiences and become a better photographer in the process.

I plan on telling many more stories of the natural world and hope that my work will inspire and catalyze action to protect our planet. I will certainly remain a passionate conservationist through my images.

Book a lecture….

Jeroen has a vast experience in hosting lectures for photo-clubs, events, photography tradeshows and schools

Go on a journey through wildlife photography or a specific subject together with wildlife photographer Jeroen Stel. He will guide you through those special moments where timing, action, light and patience all came together to create the images he is well known for. It will be a feast for your eyes and will take you away from every day’s worries in to the world of wildlife.

Jeroen will also share his knowledge with you without holding back on the not often mentioned techniques, tips and tricks. Jeroen offers lectures custom made to the wishes of the specific audience. His lectures often have a technical side to them wich seperates them from just showing images. They can also be combined with an in the field workshop to further develope the skills of the perticipants. The lectures can be hosted in either Dutch or English depening on the wishes and background of the viewers.

Jeroen’s lectures generally take up to 120 minutes but can be offered in shorter or longer versions when requested upon. He is also available as a speaker for photography events and has done such lectures for the Pixperience, LowLand Photo Festival and Veluwse Fotodagen amongst others in the past. Jeroen also is an experienced jury for photoclubs and can offer references for this kind of work when requested. The cost for a 30 to 120 minute lecture varies from 250.- to 400.- excl. travel expenses.

For questions or bookings please contact me at: info@jeroenstel.com

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