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“The pictures of Jeroen Stel tell a message.

The success of VOGELS, the magazine for members of the Netherlands Society for the Protection of Birds, is the result of the images we use. These are mainly of very high quality and are made by excellent photographers. Jeroen Stel is one of the recurrent suppliers of these excellent images in our magazine.

His birdpictures stand out by the high quality and special ambiance, but the images of Jeroen go further. His bird images tell a story. The story that birds are fascinating and fantastic, and that they are also worthwhile to protect.

That’s why his photo’s have an added value for the Netherlands Society for the Protection of Birds. They create a big support for our protection activities.

One photo of Jeroen tells more then 100 words.”

Hans Peeters - Chief Editor VOGELS Magazine, Netherlands Society for the Protection of Birds
‘A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is photographed. A quote from Ansel Adams that can serve as the caption on one of Jeroen’s photographs.

The images of Jeroen indeed not only look great, they also feel right. Because more than the stunning beauty of his photographs is the emotion expressed in his pictures, which inevitably sweeps the viewer off it’s feet. Jeroen does not take photographs…His images tell a story. His attention to detail and focus on the environment highlight the beauty of each photo to an intriguing experience. Granted, it sounds like a cliché but you just keep looking at his fascinating pictures!

The work of Jeroen Stel is therefore a true enrichment and an absolute blessing for a magazine like LANDSCHAP VZW wich through unique and strong images will foster the love for nature. In each image sticks so much emotion that you do not just look at his images. No, you enjoy them deeply. Time and again.

Aagje de Doncker, Chief Editor nature(photo) magazine LANDSCHAP VZW, Landschap VZW

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