Other books i have worked on as a co-author or have supplied images for:

  • Praktijkboek Wildfotografie Birdpix/Nederpix
  • Vogels kijken in Noord-Oost Duitsland
  • Beleef de Lente
  • Handleiding IJsvogelwanden Vogelwerkgroep Het Gooi

The Book

Natuur is om de Hoek was published in April 2013 and has been well received by the Dutch press and media as a book wich draws the reader towards the natural beauty close to home.

Wildlife is closer then we think and often lures around the corner. Wether it’s the Blue Tits in your nesting box or the wandering Robin in your backyard one can enjoy nature at any given moment in time. Photographing them however is another thing and often wildlife is elusive and swift wich can be frustrating is you want to take a closer look at them.

Wildlife photographer Jeroen Stel has a keen eye for animals living in the wild and not just that but over and over again he manages to get them in front of his lens. Wether it be mating Kingfishers, a Red Fox hunting for Greylag Geese or rutting Red Deer his images will bring you the excitement of the moment and the tranquility of nature at the same time.

Co-author Hans Peeters will tell their story in an original way but will also interview the photographer, local wardens and other nature enthousiasts. With viewing and photography tips and trics included to head out in to nature close to home this is the ultimate gift for yourself or someone else who appreciates nature and wildlife.

Natuur is om de Hoek in the media:

Volkskrant Newspaper: “Natuur om de Hoek is a book that is very accesible to every reader and we recommend it to anyone who would like to see nature with their own eyes”

Trouw Newspaper: “Going on safari around the world? No need for it! Safari starts in your own backyard as Natuur om de Hoek shows us”

Natuurfotografen Verbond Nederland: “The title says it all, no exotic nature but “just” the beauty of our own environment where so much can be seen and discovered”

Roots Magazine: “Nature in your own backyard as you have never seen it before”

Buitenleven Magazine: “Jeroen Stel and Hans Peters have shown us that the most beautiful places are just around the corner” “The perfect gift for anyone who likes to explore nature with a camera or binoculars”


Buy our latest book Natuur is om de Hoek and discover what natural beauty awaits around the corner

A beautiful coffee table book about nature & wildlife close to home


  • Numerous publications for VOGELS Magazine of the Dutch Bird Protection Society
  • Numerous publications for Natures Home Magazine of the RSPB
  • Several publications in the ROOTS Magazine
  • Several publications in the PUUR magazine for Natuurmonumenten Organisation
  • Several publications in the Grasduinen Magazine
  • Several publications in the Buitenleven Magazine
  • Several publications in the JAGEN magazine
  • Publication in the Birdpix 5 Book
  • Several publications in the Beleef de Lente book
  • Several publications in the Vogels kijken in Noordoost Duitsland Book
  • Numerous publications in the VOGELS Junior magazine
  • Several publications in the ZOOM magazine
  • Publication in the FOCUS magazine
  • Publication in the book “Zombie Makers” by Rebecca L. Johnson
  • Publication in the book “Evrything you need to know about Snakes” by John Woodward
  • Publication in RSPB spotlight book about Otters by Nicola Chester

Television Appearances

  • Dutch National News for young people/Juror for National Geographic Junior photo contest:
Dutch National News: Juror for the National Geographic Junior contest:
  • Dutch Television Omroep Max:
Omroep Max: Course on Nature & Wildlife Photography:
  • The National Geographic Channel:
National Geographic Junior: Some tips and tricks on Nature & Wildlife Photography for kids:
  • Dutch Television Channel NPO2:
NTR Het Klokhuis: Special on wildlife photography:
  • Dutch Television Channel RTL 4:
RTL Live: Special on wildlife comedy awards:

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