Macro photography private workshop (with indoor options)

€ 350.00 p.p

To be booked after mutual consultation all year round

Macro photography opens your eyes to a whole new world. It’s meant for those who appreciate the little things in life and the possibilities to experiment with your materials are endless. Working with reversed lenses, macro lenses extension tubes, it is all being handled during this special macro photography 1:1 workshop. In spring and summer time we will head outside for this workshop but in wintertime we shall make use of teh beautiful gardens and butterfly sanctuary of the Orchideeënhoeve in Luttelgeest. That way i can offer this workshop all year round and my courses are designed to improve your macrophotography technique in the field or indoors, regardless of your equipment or experience.

Have an expert all to yourself for a session of One to One photography tuition

These are not a group sessions! Everyone has a different level of knowledge so your 1:1 photography tuition will go at the pace you need it to be and build confidence in the areas where you need it. I am an experienced photography workshop tutor and thoroughly enjoy tailoring these one to ones to your specific needs, whatever your experience. I also offer Personal Development Programs to tutor students throughout the year and help them get ahead in their wildlife photography.
If you’re starting out as a photographer you will not feel you’re being left behind or holding others back as in some group workshops. If you’re more experienced then we will work on the technical aspect or specific wildlife issues you want to concentrate on. I will be right there for you to coach, guide, and answer all your questions in turn letting you get that one photograph you where dreaming of making all your life.

When you are photographing wildlife it is very unpredictable and sometimes hard to cope with weather, technical challenges or specific behaviour of the animal in question. Most of my 1:1 training sessions take place in an environment where I have studied the local wildlife for years and therefor have a solid knowledge of where to find the animal and how to deal with light, habitat and specific technical challenges.

During these one to one workshops I have no secrets and will pass on all my knowledge of how to track and find wildlife and on how to make the most of the sometimes challenging situations we are faced with. It is my goal to help you get you further in your personal growth as a wildlife photographer. As wildlife is very unpredictable this could mean switching from plan A to plan B when wildlife is not showing itself or is behaving in a way which was not expected. This is an important lesson as a wildlife photographer as wildlife simply cannot be predicted.

It is our goal to let the animal behave in a natural way and as such we make use of hides and/or camouflaged clothing in order not to disturb the wildlife we work with on these one to one workshops. The advantage of working this way is that the animal will display it’s natural behaviour and this will in the end provide you with the best possible options to photograph it in it’s own habitat. We will also focus on photographing wildlife in habitat instead of taking frame filling portraits and work on creating a series of work which best depicts the animal we are working with. This way you will really get to know your subjects which I find as important as getting that stunning shot.

Our one to one training takes place throughout The Netherlands depending on where the specific wildlife is located but can also be tailored to a nature reserve in your own area. These workshops are set up as one to ones but can (in many cases) also be offered to two persons as we work with hides that can place up to three persons. So if you have a photo-buddy or a spouse that shares your passion than make sure you bring them along. I offer a 50% discount p.p when participating on these workshops with two persons.

If you are living outside of The Netherlands and have an interest for these one to one workshops we can create a “weekend-break-package” for you including several species such as; Foxes, Kingfishers, Wild Boar, Roe Deer, Red Squirrels, Black-tailed Godwit, Black-necked Grebes, Crested Grebes, European Tree Frogs and many more species to choose from. Ofcourse we can also send you the details of some of the finest hotels and B&B’s we have in our area to turn your stay-over in to a true mini- wildlife holiday.

I will be running my Macro One to Ones All year long. They will start around May and if weather permits it they will run until August for the outdoor version. The other months of the year this workshop will be held indoors. For Macro photography the weather is a very important factor so the outdoor workshops can be cancelled the day before and be rescheduled or relocated to an indoor facility. Your lens of choice will have a focal length of around 100 to 200mm combined with extension rings (or if available preferably bring a macro lensr) as the distance to the macro subjects will be around 0.5 to 1.5 meters.

It will be a wonderful chance to learn a lot more about Wildlife Photography and reconnect with the environment and wildlife around you, and with my passion for the natural world and pleasant approach on tutoring you are sure to get the very best out of the day. The cost of my One to Ones is € 350.00 and this includes a lunch in a nearby restaurant, hot and cold drinks and they last from Dawn to around 14.00 hours or go from 15.00 hours till the sun sets. A deposit of € 100.00 is required for this one to one workshop.

We can also provide you with a gift-certificate as my one to one workshops are the perfect gift for a Birthday, Wedding present, Graduation or any other suitable occasion, so if you know someone who would love to spend a day learning everything there is to know about wildlife photography I promise to make it the best possible wildlife experience for them!

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